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Dogs at Large in Common Areas
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2017

Please be reminded that dogs are to be on a leash, AT ALL TIMES, when in the common areas. We continue to receive complaints involving dogs with aggressive behavior that can potentially threaten the safety of our residents, as well as other pets while in the common area, so we would like to remind ALL PET OWNERS of the following:
Dog bite laws in California: When you own a pet, you take responsibility for its actions. In the state of California, dog bite laws are defined under Civil Code section 3342 – a law that helps to legally protect the public in the event a dog bites or dog attack is sustained. The statue says that if a dog attacks a person, it is the responsibility of the dog owner.
In other words, it’s up to the dog owner to take full responsibility for his or her pet. If an accident does occur, then the dog owner is generally held responsible. Please be a responsible pet owner, your neighbors will really appreciate it! 
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